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We are passionate about data analytics

Data Collection

If you have questions, but not data, we can help with that too. We can help bring in external data, and help you design ways to collect, create, and pipe data within your organisation. This includes surveys, interrogation of legacy systems, and scanning paper documents. However your data is stored, we will find a way to use it.

Data Science

You need it done correctly, with rigour and with repeatable results. With extensive experience in academic research, we can develop experiments, compare them to literature, and create high-quality results. We also have extensive ties into several universities, which gives us further opportunity to investigate your problem in-depth for world-class outcomes.

Data Analysis

If you have data, we can help you derive insight. Starting with the questions you have about your business, we can analyse data to find the answer, leading to actionable insights. We can pull data in from any source, analyse datasets big and small, and return insights in either a human readable report or machine readable API.

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What are we about?

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What our clients say

  • "As a University we undertake comprehensive student feedback and evaluation of all courses and teaching delivered to students each semester across all our campus locations nationally and internationally. This results in around 200,000 surveys that need to be collated and analysed to benchmark standards of practice each year. We engaged Robert and the dataPipeline team to assist us in setting up systems and workflows that enabled this data to be compiled and engineered into a seamless data validation and reporting process using contemporary tools.

    They were able to complete this task successfully in an efficient and cost effective way that now allows us to distribute comprehensive benchmarking reports to our faculties and academics in a timely way each semester. Robert and the team brought skills and expertise to the project that was of very high quality and competence. They worked well with our staff and operations to implement the change in a collaborative way that had minimal disruption and maximum impact. I would highly recommend their services."

    Greg Jakob, Federation University:

  • "dataPipeline has proven invaluable to our development of a range of data visualisation and manipulation solutions. The original requirement to help develop Data Analysis, Geospatial Visualisation and User Interfaces has been an outstanding success. Their contribution has extended beyond simple provision of software and includes insightful direction, meaningful interpretation and strategic direction."

    Grahame Williams, The Data Exchange:

  • "Enex (www.testlab.com.au) has been utilising the services of Data Pipeline on bespoke projects since their inception and find the professionalism, quality of work, value and timeliness faultless. Key deliverables have been in the areas of security analysis, reporting and ongoing analytics."

    Matt Tett, MD, Enex TestLab:

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