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Real-time reporting

We can develop systems that will alert you, in real time, when something happens. Our reporting goes one step further than simply waiting for someone to press a button. By leveraging predictive capability, we can alert when we expect something to happen, providing more proactive reporting capability.

Dashboard Development

We can develop dashboards to provide clear overviews of complex phenomenon in your business. Whether its getting a snapshot of multiple offices, visualising last week's results, predicting next week's results or more, our dashboards are modular, extensible and can interact with data from a variety of sources.

Experiment Design

For in-depth insights, you need in-depth experiments. We have academic experience and ongoing ties to several universities. For those reports that need insight to the nth-degree. We can develop experiments with a high degree of rigour, reproducibility and independence.

Custom Development

In addition to using best-of-breed off-the-shelf tools, we do our own coding when its required. We aren't afraid to dig into the details, work our the intricacies of particular datasets and develop a program written just for your needs.

Great Coding

Our coding follows best practices, including test-driven development, proper documentation, and integration testing. When we develop for you, you not only get code, but beautiful code. This lets you extend the work yourself, while being sure that your developers can more easily understand the code.

Literature Review

We have experience in reading the latest ground-breaking research in computer science across a number of domains. If you need to know what the latest advances are, we can research the topic for the latest in world-class published results, including the top journals and conferences. We can provide a report outlining these advances without the overly-complex terminology.

API Development

We have experienced programmers who create web-based RESTful APIs. This lets us (and you!) write programs that automatically interact with the insights gain. Think of a system that estimates tomorrow's customer numbers, linked directly to your staffing system to call in more people for a busy day. Or a system that alerts you when someone blogs about your company. Or website customer insights pushed directly into your CRM.

Database design

Design matters, including in databases. An incorrect data format can cause your reports to run very slow, while a better design can speed things up dramatically. We work with datasets in many formats, and have lots of experience pulling data from one source, and converting it to another. We can take datasets, design a new solution, and do the conversion to the new format.

Tableau Development

Tableau can make it easy for everyone to create and run reports, but setting up workbooks can be a large project. Further, if you are just starting to use Tableau, you want usable reports today, not after 6 months of training. We can develop reports from the ground up, including database design, report design, implementation, and ongoing updates.

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